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Birthdate:Dec 20
Location:Missouri, United States of America
Hello! I am a professional musician by day, certified geek by night. This journal will be a catch-all for plot bunnies and miscellaneous fandom that has remained trapped in my head for years. Mostly, it will be me experimenting with writing.

I'm very much into Final Fantasy, but I've only played up until FFXII. I refuse to play XIII. FFX-2 is a guilty pleasure, and FFX is far and away my favorite. Kingdom Hearts is a favorite. Pretty much anything Legend of Zelda I've played. I continue to play Pokemon more enthusiastically than most kids I've met.

Books? I love them. I don't write much on them because I hate tarnishing an author's voice, but I love them. I'm currently reading Dune by Frank Herbert. The last thing I read was Phantom of the Opera in English. My favorite fantasy series is still Harry Potter. I enjoy reading C.S. Lewis. Unfortunately, most of my reading nowadays is profession-related. So, I know a ton about musical stuff, and not so much about fiction books that I would love to read.

Anyhoo. Feel free to approach me with any questions.
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